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We at VALET CADDY LLC, pride ourselves on enhancing the lives of residents while improving the bottom line for property management and developer ownership. VALET CADDY LLC Is an Affordable, 5-Day-A-Week, Apartment/Condo, Nursing Home, Mobile Homes, and Assisted Living Doorstep Trash Removal. We also do junk, recycling, tree, and demo removal. Now available Residential and Cleaning Services!


Our professionally-trained, Uniformed, Licensed & Insured Valet Trash Porters Have serviced Thousands of clients' apartment residents nightly. We take pride In our 5 STAR ratings! We look forward to meeting all your needs.

Servicing Multi-Family Communities, Student Housing Complexes,

Adult Living Facilities and Condominium Associations
across the entire United States

One of the MOST requested amenity by multi-family residents. Here is why:

No more dealing with smelly, dirty overflowing dumpsters!

No more shuttling trash in or on top of your car

No more disputes about whose turn it is to go to the dumpster!

No more potentially unsafe night-time walks to dumpsters

A clean community equals Happy residents

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